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On April 16, 2012
Last modified:April 17, 2012

Summary: is still by far the BEST site we reviewed for adult dating.

We haven’t given many positive reviews to adult online dating sites, but this one is an exception. It’s BY FAR the best we’ve tried so far. Not because we don’t want to, but because most of the sites just don’t give us any reason to rave about them. is not one of those sites. We actually had a pleasant experience on An experience so pleasant, we’re comfortable recommending the site to you.

XXXMatch Homepage Screenshot Advantages & Differentiators

Before ever signing-up for, on their home page, you will find out how many other members are “looking for sex” in your area. This is a nice feature as it gives you an idea of whether or not there will be enough women nearby. Most sites only show you a bunch of phony profiles of alleged women in your town (they’re not really in your town, and they’re really just models). What truly sets apart from the rest is their unique ability to match men with the type of woman they’re looking for.

XXXMatch Homepage Screenshot

XXXMatch is a great site for hooking up! One of the few non-scam sites out there! Dating Features Review

If nothing else, you’ll certainly find to be an entertaining site. Here are our Top 3 site features:

Lesbian Couples

You’re lying if you don’t have the fantasy of hooking up with 2 chicks at a time! On, you can find a lesbian/bi-sexual couple that is looking for a male to join them in the bedroom.


Stop wasting your time sifting through countless profiles of women you’d never consider hooking up with. Use’s unique AutoMatch feature that eliminates the wrong women from your search results and only shows you profiles of women you have something in common with.

Video Chat

What’s hotter than chatting with an attractive via video chat? The picture is always clear and the audio is good. You’re free to chat about anything you want and, if you’re lucky, maybe she’ll show you some skin! Members Review has approximately 29 million members – 40% of which are female. 85% of the members are active on the site, which is quite impressive and higher than most adult dating sites. has been around since 2002 and continues to grow in popularity each year. Review – Who Is For

Men that want to have an awesome sex life – that’s who this site is for. If you like hot women and you like sex, you’ll fit in just fine at As long as you’re over 18 and under 50, there are plenty of decent women for you. You can be into all sorts of fetishes and sexual fantasies when signing up for because you’ll find them all here. Membership Pricing Review

Here is a complete description of Basic, Silver, and Gold Memberships. A one-month Gold Membership costs around $35, or $75 for 3-months. A 3-month Silver membership costs approximately $60. Basic Membership is free but your access to the site is limited. Only become a Basic Member to test out the site. You have to pay to play!

What NOT To Do on

Top 3 Mistakes to Avoid Making on

1. Lying on your profile. Sure, you can be whoever your want to be online. Guess what happens when you actually meet these women in person? They find out you lied and tell you to piss off.
2. Settling for fat/ugly women. Why settle for a fattie when you can be patient and hookup with a hottie?
3. Giving up too early. You may or may not meet someone right away. Most have to wait a bit. Don’t give up because you haven’t met anyone the first couple of weeks. You will find someone in time, so be patient. Specific Advice For Success

The common theme we’ve noticed from men’s profiles on is to come off as a disgusting pervert. Don’t do that. Be mature, intelligent, humorous, interesting, and sexy – not perverted. By doing so, you’ll be different than most of the other men on That’s a good thing because most of the men on this site aren’t getting laid. Being different will help you stand out. More women will contact you if you are. Services & Support

The following links are great resources. They will answer many of your questions we did not cover in this review. Frequently Asked Questions Customer Support Review – Conclusion

Adult online dating should be stress-free, affordable, and fun. You get all 3 on It really is quite easy to meet a hot woman on this site. Probably as easy as anywhere else, which includes other adult sites and bars. Don’t get us wrong, you’re not guaranteed to get laid if you sign-up for But we’re confident if you take the advice we give on our site, you’ll certainly put yourself in a position to get laid.