“Wow” Her on a First Date – The 10 Best Places to Go

The first date is the most important date. If you screw it up, you’ll never get a 2nd date, a 3rd date, a 4th date, etc. First impressions count for everything. In fact, if you knock ‘em dead on the first date and then screw up on a later date, you’ll still have a chance with her because she already likes you – or she wouldn’t accept an offer to go on another date. You have to charm her on your date, but most importantly, you need to select the perfect place.

The old-school first date ideas are dinner and movie. Those aren’t bad ideas, but you have to strategically decide which movie to see and what restaurant to go to. This list of 10 best first date ideas should give you an idea of how to impress her.

1.Say “No” to Applebee’s

We all love the chain restaurants such as Applebee’s, Chili’s, etc. Go there with your friends. You can impress her more by taking her to a fancier, more intimate local joint. Hopefully by now you already know the kind of food she enjoys. Select the restaurant accordingly.

2.If you must see a movie…

If you just can’t help yourself from inviting her to a movie following dinner, avoid comedies. They may be your favorite flicks, but they don’t give you as much opportunity to get close to her. Pick a scary movie or an intense drama. She’ll want your hands around her arms during these types of movies.


This isn’t really all that creative, but it’s a fun activity that most women enjoy. It gives you an opportunity to playfully talk smack to her if you’re winning. Just don’t get too competitive or you’ll annoy her.

Dating Fun Activity

4.Road trip to a secluded area

This all depends on where you live. Most of you live within a couple of hours from some scenic point (i.e. mountains). Fix her dinner and bring it with. Then sit outside, enjoy the scenery, eat dinner, and get it on! This is VERY romantic.

5.Do something adventurous

A great way to show her you’re not some boring snob is by taking her on an exciting adventure. Whitewater rafting, kayaking, skydiving, and hot air balloon rides are excellent first date ideas. Before suggesting this, know what type of girl you’re taking out first. Not every woman enjoys outdoor adventures.

6.Dance the night away

Going to a dance club can work for or against you. They’re always loud, so it’s hard to talk. This can be a negative. So it’s up to you to do your talking with your hands and body out on the dance floor. This is a bit risky if you’re a lousy dancer. Better practice before going out.

Dance the night away image

Dance the night away


Unless you’re a degenerate gambler, a casino is an entertaining first date option. There’s always a bar, restaurant, and entertainment on site. Never get angry if you’re losing. This will be a huge turn-off. Plus, gambling should be for pure entertainment purposes. You should pay for her bets or she’ll think you’re a tightwad.

8.Dinner and a movie at your crib

If you’re selling yourself as the romantic type, why not bring her back to your place? Cook her a nice meal, pop-in a scary movie, and snuggle up on the bed. Just don’t forget to clean your place before she arrives. And hide those used condoms and porno mags.

9.Weekend getaway

This is best for a first date with someone you’ve known for a while. If you recently met this girl, she probably won’t feel comfortable going away with you for the weekend. Pick somewhere within a 3-4 hour drive, book a nice hotel (bonus points if it has a Jacuzzi in the room), and take her out for a nice dinner. Try to spend most of your time in the hotel so you can have a little one-on-one with her.

10.Strip Club

This is only a good idea if you’re dating a wild, horny girl that isn’t afraid to admit that. If she loves talking about sex, chances are she’ll be turned on by going to a Strip Club with you. Of course, this is the rare girl, so be careful!