Using Reverse Psychology to Get HER to Ask YOU Out

My parents always used reverse psychology to get me to do something they wanted. For example, one day when I was 12, I absolutely refused to do the dishes because I wanted to play Smear the Queer with my friends (I was never the Queer, by the way). The Old Man told me he was going to do the dishes because it made him feel cool. So I did the dishes so I would feel cool. I fell for all sorts of stupid shit when I was a kid. You did too, so don’t judge me.

reverse psycology

Reverse Psycology

What’s this story have to do with asking a girl out? One thing I learned by being tricked by my parents when I was a kid was that reverse psychology really does work. So many years ago I decided I would try reverse psychology on women to see if I could score some dates. As it turns out, this has been one of my most successful ways of asking a girl out…even though I’m not actually asking them out.

How to Use Reverse Psychology on Women

The trick to getting her to ask you out is to act like you’re not interested in her. As odd as it may seem, this will make you seem more interesting to her. Now she knows she has to chase YOU. Here are a few examples of reverse psychology tactics I’ve successfully used with women. They work 90% of the time.

Her: “I just like you as a friend.”

Me: “I was thinking the same thing. We’re better off being just friends. It would never work between us. So why waste the effort, right?”

Her: “You can’t come in.”

Me: “I’ve got to work in the morning anyway. If I came in, I’d probably only want to stay for a few minutes and then leave. What’s the point in that?”

Her: “I’m really busy right now.”

Me: “Well, I’m very busy too. In fact, I have little time for you. I’d make time for someone I was more interested in as a lover, but since I just want to be your friend, I just can’t fit you into my schedule. But then again, you won’t try to fit me into your schedule, so you shouldn’t expect me to.”

Her: “I just want to be single.”

Me: “Who doesn’t want to be single? It’s the life. I enjoy it. I get to do whatever I want, when I want to do it. I don’t have anyone to nag at me and tell me what to do. You’re right, let’s both just be single forever instead of trying to find a life partner. Then we can both grow old, gray, lonely, and bitter. That’s a brilliant idea, don’t you think?”

Part of reverse psychology is to play the guilt trip and make her feel bad. You’re also showing her that you’re not some sort of desperate guy that’s easy to walk all over. This will make you more attractive to women. If she knows she can have you whenever she wants, she won’t have the urge to get with you. But if you make her feel like you’re not desperate and that it’s not that big of a deal if she doesn’t want to date you, you’re going to seem more interesting to her. Reverse psychology is one of the only ways to convince a female friend to date you. It’s worked for me numerous times and will for you if you give it a try.