Top 5 Most Costly First Date Mistakes Men Make

Screw up a first date, and you’ve lost out on any chance to get with her. It’s the most important date because it’s your only chance to make a first impression. After you’ve worked your magic on the first date and she falls for you, it’s possible to screw up on 3rd, 4th, 5th, etc. date without turning her off. But you can’t overcome first date failures. There are many mistakes men make on a first date, but none are more costly than the following…

first-impression is that LAST impression

first-impression is that LAST impression

1.Become a different person than the guy she met

It doesn’t matter where you met her (bar, online, etc.), if you portrayed yourself as something different than the person you were on the first date, she will instantly lose interest in you. The truth always comes out, which is why I always stress being honest with women.

Goog Eye Contact

Making a Goog Eye Contact

2.Don’t make good eye contact

Shy guys generally suck at first dates because they don’t have the confidence to look a woman straight in the eyes. Lock eye contact with her because it shows her you’re interested and are paying attention. When she speaks, don’t stare at the waitress’ ass as she walks by or watch the TV behind her.

3.Taking her somewhere lame

Generally, the guy picks – or at least suggests – the date destination. Dinner and a movie is okay, but you can show her you’re bold by doing something more exciting. Be different and take her out dancing, hiking, bowling, or to a comedy club. Women love originality.

4.Talking about your ex-girlfriend

She doesn’t care that your ex was a total beeyotch. Your past is less relevant to her than what your future holds. She really doesn’t want to hear about the awesome sex life you and your ex had. So refrain from asking her if she does anal like the ex did.

5.Being a pervert

I know what you’re thinking when you’re on a date with a cutie – that you want to bang her. If she likes you, though she won’t say it, she’s thinking about your banging her too. But women hide their dirty mind until they get to know the guy well. That’s not to say you can’t get laid on a first date. You can. But don’t show up, introduce yourself, and say “so do you like it doggystyle?”

First dates are intimidating, especially if you’re inexperienced. Not to sound all corny, but my best advice is to just be yourself. Be the guy she found interesting when she met you. Of course, if you were lying about who you were when you first met, you won’t last with her anyway. So when you go out meeting women, make sure you’re thinking ahead. Don’t try to be someone you’re not.