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On April 16, 2012
Last modified:April 23, 2012


Complete crap. Do not use. It's a rip off of

The first time we visited, we noticed a very plain home page. Most dating sites have all sorts of B.S. claims about the site, along with a bunch of women that don’t really live in your town. has very little of that on their home page. Just a few snippets about the site and then the aforementioned women that “live in your town” but really don’t.

adult dating scam alert

A half-empty home page was a cause for concern, but we were still willing to give it a try. We always keep an open mind when reviewing sites, so we decided that just because they didn’t sell us on their home page, it didn’t mean the site sucked. All we care about is meeting women and getting laid. Were we able to do that? Read on…

SocialFlirt Homepage Screenshot

SocialFlirt is an ONLINE DATING SCAM. Don't join!

What’s Wrong With was one of the few adult sites we were able to set up a date with an attractive woman. Most of the sites, we’ve had to settle with average women, though we refuse to sleep with them. So we were quite satisfied to set up a date with a hottie from That’s where the happy-happy-joy-joy story ends and where the “holy crap, this site sucks balls” story begins.

It took more than 80 emails for us to receive one single response from an attractive woman. If you’re new to online dating, sending 80 personalized emails takes hours to accomplish. Online dating shouldn’t require a ton of effort. There are a few sites out there (i.e. with better features that have plenty of active women. It amazed us how few attractive women on even bother to sign-in more than once a decade! They do have an “advanced compatibility matching” system. “Advanced” is a relative term, but we didn’t find it to be much different than the matchmaking system used by other similar sites. They highly overrate their own features.

Ratings (out of 10)

Site Features:  4/10

Female Attractiveness:  5/10

Chances of Getting Laid:  4/10

Overall:  4/10 Conclusion

You may find someone decent on here, but don’t expect it to be without putting in far too much effort than you should. We’re not lazy bastards – it’s just disappointing to have to put as much time and energy into meeting women as we did. Overall, the women are okay. We didn’t see many stunningly beautiful women, but there seemed to be far less fatties than most of the sites. Still, we can’t recommend this site to you because there are better adult online dating sites that require minimal effort to get laid.