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On April 16, 2012
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SexSearch is a great site. It's been around for 10 years and definitely worth a try!

We give advice for men on how to get laid by a hot woman they meet online. Before being able to do that, we had to review dozens of adult dating sites. Unfortunately, this was quite the task because most of them completely sucked and/or were scams. is not a scam and it’s a high-quality adult dating site. We could even make a case for it being the best of the bunch. In this review, you’ll learn why we think so highly of it and will read some valuable tips on how to have success on

SexSearch Homepage Screenshot Advantages & Differentiators is quite different than most adult online dating sites. The quality of women is far superior to the others. And, best of all, the women are actually real. It’s nearly impossible to find a hottie to hookup with on most comparable sites, which is why this is one of the best.

SexSearch Homepage Screenshot

Definitely worth a try, SexSearch has been around for a decade and still has plenty to offer!

We’ve seen negative reviews around the web about What we’ve found is, those giving the negative reviews don’t know much about how to attract women online. We do and can unequivocally say, a big advantage to becoming a member is you will have as high of a percentage chance of getting laid as you will anywhere else – online or offline. Dating Features Review

If you want an adult dating site that is fully equipped with the best features in the industry, you’ve come to the right place.

Meet In Person

This is one of our favorite adult dating site features, period. For men that just can’t pull the trigger on asking a woman on a date, you’ll have some help. Instead of asking via IM or Email, this Meet In Person feature allows you to send her an invitation to go on a date.


Every guy has a certain “type” of woman he wants to bang. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could filter out ones you have no interest in and only see profiles of those you’re likely to want to have sex with? Now you can!

Live Audio Chat

Not ready to give out your digits to her? Set up an audio chat with her first and get to know her better. Members Review has been around since the early days of online dating (1998). They have more than 30 million members and a near 50/50 male to female ratio (bonus!). You will find a wide range of races, ethnicities, professions, and sexual desires on Review – Who Is For

Desire a discreet relationship with an attractive female…or two? Then is for you. Any guy that has any type of sexual fantasy can a partner on Love 3-somes? You’ll find that here. Into bondage? You’ll find women into that here too. Every fantasy, every age (18+), and every race/ethnicity – they’re all on Membership Pricing Review

A membership to costs approximately $25-$35 per month. Silver and Gold Members receive far more access to the site than Basic Members (FREE). For more information on the specific differences between membership levels, see the following link on membership descriptions.

What NOT To Do on

Top 3 Mistakes to Avoid Making on

1. Filling out an incomplete profile. Looking through profiles of other men, we’ve noticed a high percentage of short, questionable profiles. Those guys are NOT getting laid – guaranteed.
2. Having too many fantasies. Stick to just a few fantasies instead of being interested in every option available. You’ll confuse women if you’re all over the map.
3. Playing the “nice” guy. Ever heard the saying, “nice guys finish last”? They do time and time again on a site such as Specific Advice For Success

The best advice we can give you to have success on is to charm the hell out of the women on there. We hate calling women “easy”, but many of the hot women on this site are. It just takes a bit of charm to get them into your bed. We’ve had an easier time convincing women to meet us on than any other adult online dating site. Services & Support

Here are some links that will have you learn more about this great adult online dating site: Customer Support Frequently Asked Questions Privacy Policy Review – Conclusion

Through our 2-month review of, we have come to the conclusion that any guy looking for sex can benefit from this site. There are tons of attractive women of all ages (over 18, of course). Visit today, sign-up, look through the profiles, and find a hot woman to contact. Charm her, set up a date, seal the deal, and get laid. It really is that simple.