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On April 16, 2012
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Nothing good on this site either. Complete scam.

Long name, not-so amazing results. We feel this should be the slogan used by We also think they should give us our $25 and 3 weeks of our time spent back. It was an unpleasant experience signing up for this alleged hookup site. The entire time was a total disaster. The women were disappointing and there wasn’t even an entertainment factor to fall back on.

adult dating scam alert

Our trial month (well, 3 weeks) included contacting 15 women. If you’re wondering why we only contacted that many women in 3 weeks, it was because there were only 15 attractive women in our area. In this review, we will analyze the results we had from those 15 women.

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OneNightStandGirls is an ADULT DATING SCAM. Don't join!

What’s Wrong With

Of the 15 women we contacted, only 2 responded. That’s not a horrible ratio compared to some other sites, but it’s still not good. We used the exact same tactics to meet women on as we do on every site we review. Unlike the 3 quality adult dating sites we reviewed, our expertise with online dating was completely useless. It doesn’t matter if you are The Fonz or a 40-year old virgin, you’re not going to find anyone decent on this site.

The attractive women we contacted were either boring, complete morons, or too chicken to set up a date. Or all of the above. We couldn’t set up any dates because the 2 women we received a response from were total lushes. They clearly signed up without the intention of screwing anyone.

Ratings (out of 10)

Site Features:  2/10

Female Attractiveness:  3/10

Chances of Getting Laid:  3/10

Overall:  3/10 Conclusion

You don’t have to be a Rocket Scientist to figure out the conclusion we’ve come to with This site is an absolute joke. They clearly tried hard to mimic other adult dating sites, but they failed to realize most adult dating sites suck. Our philosophy is if you’re gong to copy something, copy something that works. A small percentage of men get laid on most of these adult online dating sites. An even smaller percentage score with an attractive woman.

So why does copy the majority? Because men are suckers and continue to give them money. They don’t get laid, but they keep throwing away their hard earned cash to these sites, hoping that one day they’ll find what they’re looking for. Months go by and they’re still sitting at home jerking off, paying $25+ per month, frustrated because they desperately want to get laid. Unless you want to end up like most guys that sign-up for adult dating sites, avoid sites such as And sign-up for 2 (or all) of the following –,, or