Meeting a Woman For the First Time – To Be a Jerk or Nice Guy?

How many times have you heard a woman complain about all the jerks she dates? And how many times have you heard those same women continually go back to these jerks? Probably quite a few. We all know women that just can’t help themselves from dating assholes. They claim they want a guy that’s sweet and treats them right, yet they won’t even give nice guys the time of day. So when you meet a girl, you should be a jerk to her, right? Well, not exactly.

What women really want from a man?

What women really want from a man?

What Women REALLY Want

Very few women want a guy that is too nice. They might say they do, but they don’t find guys like that attractive. Well, most don’t. Even successful, mature women prefer a man that has some cockiness to him. Nice guys are pushovers and women find this unattractive. They don’t want a guy they can walk all over because it’s not manly.

However, some guys, no matter how hard they try, cannot pull off the bad boy routine. These guys have problems getting laid. If you go out to a bar looking for some random slut to hookup with, you need to have some swagger to you. It takes some arrogance and confidence to pull a hottie. Of course, if you’re more interested in a relationship, being a “sweetheart” can work in your favor. For one-night stands, you’re not getting laid unless you have a bad boy persona.

Being a “sweetheart” can work in your favor

Being a “sweetheart” can work in your favor

So What Type of Guy Should You Be?

Again, it all depends on what your goal is. Do you just want sex? Go for the bad boy routine, but make sure you’re actually good at pulling it off. If you’re really some sissy boy, you’ll fail miserably at doing this. You either are a jerk or you aren’t. You can’t fake being one.

Never attempt to be a jerk if you’re out to find a long-term relationship. No respectable woman sticks with an asshole. They might fuck one, but that’s it. There are women with very low self-esteem that go for jerks and will actually enter into a relationship with one, but who wants those women anyway? There’s nothing less attractive than a girl that has such low self-esteem that a guy could beat her senseless every night and she’d still go back to him.

Women like this are taken advantage of. Some of them actually are attractive, but once you get to know them, they don’t look so good anymore. Their personality – or lack thereof – turns them into ugly bitches. Never date a woman with low self-esteem. I don’t care if she has the hottest ass you’ve ever seen. She’ll be a train wreck and make your life miserable.

Be you. Don’t be someone you are not. It’s hard enough to be yourself, so don’t bother trying to be someone else. If you’re naturally a dickhead, be a dickhead. You’ll get laid easily when you go out, and if you want a relationship, you’ll find some skank that lacks self-esteem. If you’re a genuinely nice guy, be a nice guy. Just don’t be TOO nice or you’ll never attract women. Don’t let a woman push you around by being too available. This is very unattractive and no woman – mature or not – will want to date or sleep with you.