Mastering the Art of Conversation – Avoiding Awkward Pauses

“So, how bout that?”

nice weather

Nice Weather Dating

It sure is nice outside! Every time I hear a guy mention the weather to a girl, I know his conversation skills suck. The weather is a topic a guy turns to when he can’t think of anything else to say. He’s trying to keep the conversation going and that’s the first thing that comes to mind. I’ll be honest – I used to be that guy. I’d meet a girl, grab her interest right away by talking about something we have in common. And once that discussion ran its course, I didn’t know what else to say.

So I’d just blurt some random nonsense about the weather, the paintings on the wall, or whatever else immediately popped into my head. Needless to say, I was great at opening with a girl, but couldn’t hold a conversation to save my life. You can’t close the deal unless you keep her interested. A man that can hold an interesting conversation with a woman will build attraction. It’s not uncommon for a woman to meet a guy she’s not initially attracted to, but become attracted later in that evening because she found him interesting and fun. You have to learn how to keep the conversation flowing smoothly while avoiding those awkward pauses.

I cannot recall one conversation I ever had with a girl where I was able to save the conversation following an awkward pause. It’s very difficult. So you must be prepared to keep it going and keep her interested throughout. Once you lose her interest, you’re not getting it back.

Keep a Conversation Flowing

Top 3 Ways to Keep a Conversation Flowing

1.Talk about HER interests

Women love, love, love to talk. It’s almost like they get off on hearing themselves speak. Yeah, it can be annoying. But I’ll tell you what isn’t annoying – GETTING LAID! Talk about the things she’s interested in, not the things you are. If she wants to know more about you, she’ll ask. And then you can answer.

2.Don’t ask too many questions

I know it can be tempting to ask her where she works, where she lives, where she hangs out, where she shops, etc. But this is actually very annoying to her. It will make her feel like she’s on a job interview.

3.Pay close attention to every word she says

In #2, I advised you to not fire away a million questions. Instead, I suggest making intelligent, witty responses (not questions) to the things she says. You can’t do this if you’re not paying close attention.

I don’t give a damn if it’s 80 degrees and sunny outside. “Isn’t this weather just gorgeous?” has never gotten a single man laid. Find out her interests right away and make witty comments about them. Always look her in the eyes while you speak. And don’t spend 3 hours talking to her. I don’t care how interesting you are, eventually you’re going to lose her interest. After a while, go in for the kill and get her digits. Close the deal as soon as possible so you can avoid hitting the moment in the conversation where an awkward pause occurs.