Look Good on a Date – 5 Essential Quick Pre-Date Physical Exercises You Can Do Right Now

“A man with confidence is a man with sex appeal.”

Life is one long mental game. The most mentally fit are the ones that are the most successful. Dating is no different. Have confidence in yourself and it will rub off on women. Of course, confidence isn’t everything. You must also be in good physical shape to attract women. For this article, I’m going to teach you a few quick physical exercises you can do right now that will make you look and feel better.

A man with confidence is a man with sex appeal

A man with confidence is a man with sex appeal


Everyone can do push-ups. You’re a lazy bum if you can’t. Before you hop in the shower, do 50 push-ups. It will tighten and tone your stomach. A tight stomach makes women go crazy – and gets them HORNY.


A good way to strengthen your arms is by doing pull-ups. If you’re out of shape, doing more than a handful of pull-ups might kill you (not literally). So if you haven’t been working out lately, just do 5-10 of them. If you’re in-shape, 20-25 pull-ups can make an immediate impact.

Women like toned bodies

Women like toned bodies

Lift Weights

Every guy should have free weights in his home. Women like toned bodies. You’ll be amazed at how quickly you can start to see noticeable results from light weightlifting. Start out slow, you don’t want to hurt yourself. As you become more experienced at lifting weights you can start increasing the amount of reps and weights used.

Go for a Swim

Swimming is another great way to tone your muscles. It’s also a good way to help yourself become relaxed. Sometimes I’ll go for a swim – 15 minutes or so – before I go out on a date because it relaxes me. I feel good after swimming. Then I hit the shower and am ready to go.

Single Leg Stretch

Are you a bit overweight? You can flatten your abs by doing a single leg stretch exercise. This takes no longer than 5 minutes to do and it’s very easy. The following link will show you how to do it.  Single Leg Stretch

You don’t have to kill yourself trying to workout. The 5 simple exercises above are great ways to tone your entire body and you’ll see minor immediate results. You will feel much better about how you look after doing them. I recommend doing all 5 exercises before going out on a date. You’ll look and feel your best, which will make you more confident and attractive. Oh, and get an exercise ball and learn these exercise techniques.