Knock Her Socks Off With Your Dating Picture

“There’s no way you took that yourself!”

When a woman checks out your photos, the above quote is what you want her to say. If she does, you’ll have very little remaining work to get her into your bed. Looking good is online is easy, even for average men. It simply requires the knowledge of how to take a professional photo in the right light at the perfect angle. You also need to know how to pose, what to wear, and how to style your hair properly. These things I’m going to teach you. But first, you must purchase a high-quality digital camera. Here are a couple of links…

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take proffessional pictures

take professional pictures

Don’t “Say Cheese!”

You want to go for the sexy look, which means cheesy smiles won’t work. That doesn’t mean you should have an angry, psychotic look on your face. A good barometer for how your picture should look would be that of a lawyer on his website. Match that look. Search the Internet for some attorney websites and copy their poses. No, you don’t have to put on a suit and tie. But the professionalism of their poses should be duplicated.

cheesy smiles won’t work

cheesy smiles won’t work

Background, Lighting, Hair, and Attire

The background should be nothing more than a wall. Too many guys take pics of themselves through a mirror. Bad idea. Even worse is when you post a picture of yourself with all sorts of stuff going on in the background (i.e. tables, TV, other people, nudie mags, etc.). When you go into a portrait studio to get professional pictures taken, notice the backgrounds they use. It’s usually a sky blue background that blends in well. If you’ve got a bunch of stuff going on in the background, it takes away from what’s important – your face/body. The lighting should be dim – not dark or too bright. Indoor lighting works the best.

How you style your hair is also very important. Since everyone looks best with their own hair style, I’m going to advise you to ask your hair stylist what style you should go for. The outfit you choose should match your personality. If your profile indicates you’re a friendly, shy person, you would look best in a button-down shirt – preferably light colored. Don’t wear a suit and tie. This isn’t a website of professionals.

look best in a button-down shirt

look best in a button-down shirt

If your profile suggests you have a loud, outgoing personality, wear a Tapout shirt or something similar. Maybe even throw on a chain around your neck for effects. It’s very important to have the look that matches your profile persona. You’ll confuse women if it doesn’t. Regardless of what personality you’re going for, the profile picture(s) needs to have a professional look to them. If you suck at taking photos and no advice could help you, spend some money to have pictures professionally taken. They can help you decide on what outfit to wear, how to style your hair, and will use top-quality cameras.