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On April 16, 2012
Last modified:April 18, 2012


Nothing hard or to hookup with on this fraud of a dating site.

What a complete abortion of an adult dating site! From cheesy site features to fake profiles. Everything about this site is fake. As you will learn from this review, we had a negative experience when testing out the site. We tried to give the site our usual 2 months to review, but we just couldn’t do it. After a few weeks, we gave up out of frustration and irritation. Never again will we use HardHookup.com to meet women, and we hope you don’t either.

adult dating scam alert

What’s Wrong With HardHookup.com

The only chance we had at meeting a real woman was an obese girl that was clearly desperate. We probably didn’t even need to upload a profile picture. She likely would have hooked up with anything breathing. Normally, we avoid the fatties completely. But we were desperate to see if there was any possible way to interact with women on this site.


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HardHookup is SUCH A SCAM. Don't join HardHookup.com!

Needless to say, the attractive women never respond on here. We could have uploaded photos of Brad Pitt and they wouldn’t have responded. Why? Because they’re not real. It had nothing to do with us. Our biggest problem with HardHookup.com was an obvious scam artist trying to take advantage of us (see “HardHook.com Conclusion” for more information).

Ratings (out of 10)

Site Features:  2/10

Female Attractiveness:  2/10

Chances of Getting Laid:  3/10

Overall:  2/10

HardHookup.com Conclusion

We received an email from some attractive looking girl. It clearly was a scam artist. “She” asked for us to send her money for travel expenses to come meet us and have sex. This is an obvious sign of a scam and these are prevalent on adult dating sites. We reported the issue to HardHookup.com but received no response. Their customer service team is an even bigger joke than the site. Don’t get scammed by signing up for HardHookup.com. You deserve better and will find better at other adult dating sites.