Getting Laid on a First Date – Your Attire

The main key towards attracting a woman is by dressing and smelling nice. This is especially important for those of you that weren’t blessed with natural good looks. You can overcome genetics simply by dressing stylishly and having a pleasant smell. Women size up men by the way they dress and are turned on by a man that smells fresh. On a first date, if you want any chance of getting laid, you need to put on a nice shirt, pair of pants, and shoes. And don’t forget the deodorant and cologne.

Attracting a woman is by dressing and smelling nice

Shirt, Shoes, and Slacks

A stylish outfit can cost a bit, but it’s well worth it. You’re not getting laid without one. I prefer button-down dress shirts, jeans, and dress shoes. Buy an outfit that matches your personality. If you’re going for the badass routine, it’s hard to sell that to her if you’re dressed preppy. Instead, wear a Tapout shirt or something similar, a pair of jeans with holes built in them, and a pair of Nike’s.

I buy most of my clothes online because it’s hard to find the perfect attire to wear on a date at local stores. I go for the preppy look and purchase most of my jeans from Dillard’s. Not to sound like I’m whoring out these companies, but their jeans selections are outstanding. They’re a tad pricey, but getting laid has its cost even if it’s not with a hooker. You can also find great shirts at Dillard’s.

Personally, I have no problems finding stylish shirts at my local department stores (i.e. Younker’s, JC Penny, Kohl’s, etc.). I recommend button down shirts. The color of the shirt should be opposite the darkness of the jeans. If you buy darker colored jeans, go for a light colored shirt. If you buy light colored jeans, dark blues or black shirts go perfectly with them. Never wear black on black or light on white. Make sure you unbutton the top 2 buttons so you show off a bit of skin. Women want to see some skin.

Having a Pleasant Scent

Having a Pleasant Scent

Looking good will make her initially attracted to you. Once you get closer, if you smell like balls, she’ll lose that attraction instantly. Before going out, make sure you shower. Use a regular bar of soap and slap on some body wash with pheromones in it. It’s well known that pheromones are irresistible to women. Old Spice has a cheap body wash product with pheromones in it. It’s a pleasant scent. Not fruity (never wear fruit scented body wash, you’ll smell like a girl) or too strong.

After showering, don’t forget the deodorant. Again, avoid deodorant that has too strong of a scent. You just need something that will keep your pits dry. The last part of smelling nice is to slap on some cologne. I use Victoria’s Secret cologne. Women die for this stuff. Until recently, I never realized Victoria’s Secret had products for men. If your local mall has a Victoria’s Secret shop, now you have an excuse to stop in there!

Smelling and looking good won’t get you laid. You still have to work your charm and keep her interested. But they will certainly increase your chances. So put on some nice cologne and a stylish outfit the next time you go on a first date. Unless you completely suck at everything else, she’s probably going to end up in your bed at the end of the night.