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On April 16, 2012
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Nothing positive to say about this site.

Before reviewing EdenFlirt.com, we spent some time on OnlineBootyCall.com. After reviewing OnlineBootyCall.com, we were confident we wouldn’t find a more miserable adult dating site. We may not have found a lousier site, but EdenFlirt.com sure isn’t much better. Needless to say, our experience on EdenFlirt.com wasn’t a positive one.

adult dating scam alert

Our one-month membership to EdenFlirt.com included contacting more than 50 women (about 2 per day on average). We have yet to find a site where our response rate was lower. Only 7 women responded to our messages. One of them “women” attempted to scam us out of our money (typical for adult online dating). Detailed info about our experience on the site is below…

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EdenFlirt is a COMPLETE SCAM. Don't join EdenFlirt.com!

What’s Wrong With EdenFlirt.com

The first woman we chatted with was an obvious scammer. She wanted us to send her money via PayPal so that she could come meet us (she lived 90 miles away). She apparently just wanted a bus pass. We told her we could do that, although there was no way we would. She then told us the amount of money we said we would provide her with wasn’t enough. She needed an additional $100. She was instantly reported but we doubt the site did anything about it.

EdenFlirt.com does have all of the typical adult dating site features you would expect (i.e. instant message, email, voice chat). But they don’t offer that one cool, unique feature the top adult sites do. Even more disappointing was the lack of attractive women. And the ones that were attractive – we can’t help but question how many of them are fake.

Ratings (out of 10)

Site Features:  2/10

Female Attractiveness:  1/10

Chances of Getting Laid:  1/10

Overall:  1/10

EdenFlirt.com Conclusion

For some reason, people are signing up in droves for EdenFlirt.com. It doesn’t make any sense to us. We gave it a fair shot, created a nice profile, and contacted more than 50 women. Despite that, we had absolutely no success in luring women in with our charm. What we found out was most of the women on there aren’t really looking for sex. They may create profiles that indicate they are, but they don’t have the courage to go through with it. There are better ways to spend $30 a month than at EdenFlirt.com. There aren’t many worse ways to spend $30 a month. Even a cheap hooker would be a better way.