Conversation Killers – 10 Things You Should NEVER Talk About on a Date

Convincing a girl to go out on a date with you guarantees you’re going to get laid and/or enter into a long-term relationship. Actually, it doesn’t. All it does is guarantee you’re going to spend some time with a woman. What you do and say on a date (whether it be a first or tenth date) will make or break your chances with her. Keep the conversation upbeat and positive, don’t offend her, and avoid these 10 topics…

Religion: Unless you’re on a date with a girl you met on a Christian dating site or at Church, steer clear of any religious discussions. If she brings it up, don’t try to argue with her or preach your own beliefs. It’s impossible to win a debate about religion because everyone thinks their beliefs are right and can never be convinced otherwise. All you will do is offend her. Unless you’ve always wanted to have a Christian girl tell you to go fuck yourself, avoid any arguments about religion.

avoid political discussion

Avoid Political Discussion

Politics: Much like religion, politics are a sensitive subject. Many women – especially Liberal ones – are very passionate about their political beliefs. Unless you know that you share similar political beliefs, this is not a topic you should bring up.

Past Relationships: If you’re so stuck on your ex-girlfriend, go back to her. Do you want to hear about the guys she banged? Probably not. She doesn’t want to know about the sex you’ve had in the past or that your ex is a psycho.

3-Somes: We all have a fantasy to bang 2 chicks at once. Wait until you’ve had sex with her first and are confident she’d be down for it. On a date, this discussion shouldn’t come up. Have some patience, my friend!

The Gay Sex You Had in College: Yeah, I’m talking to you. We all experimented with a dude in college. Okay, so maybe not. But in case you actually did take it up the butt one drunken evening during your crazy college years, she doesn’t need to know.

Don't tell me

Don't tell me

Herpes: Or any STD’s. If you have one, share that with her later. If you’re curious to know if she has one, this isn’t the time or place. Besides, you probably already know the answer. Women with STD’s usually have that “I’ve got an STD” look to them.

Your Dirty Laundry: So what if you’ve been busted for pot possession 3 times in the past year? If she wants to do some background research, let her do it. When she asks you about the dirty laundry she found, then you can explain/defend yourself.

How Much You Hate Your Job: Even if your boss is the biggest douche ever, don’t cry to her about it. This goes back to what I said about being positive on the date. Bitching and complaining about your job makes you sound like a pussy.

Lies: I may or may not have learned this the hard way, but if you lie to a woman, it will come back to bite you in the ass. Call it karma. Eventually she’s going to find out, so just be honest with her.

Money: If you’re poor, it’s never a good idea to bring money up because it makes you look bad. If you’re rich, it’s not a good idea to bring money up because it makes you seem arrogant. Just don’t talk about money at all.