Using Reverse Psychology to Get HER to Ask YOU Out

My parents always used reverse psychology to get me to do something they wanted. For example, one day when I was 12, I absolutely refused to do the dishes because I wanted to play Smear the Queer with my friends (I was never the Queer, by the way). The Old Man told me he was going to do the dishes because it made him feel cool. So I did the dishes so I would feel cool. I fell for all sorts of stupid shit when I was a kid. You did too, so don’t judge me.

reverse psycology

Reverse Psycology

What’s this story have to do with asking a girl out? One thing I learned by being tricked by my parents when I was a kid was that reverse psychology really does work. So many years ago I decided I would try reverse psychology on women to see if I could score some dates. As it turns out, this has been one of my most successful ways of asking a girl out…even though I’m not actually asking them out.

How to Use Reverse Psychology on Women

The trick to getting her to ask you out is to act like you’re not interested in her. As odd as it may seem, this will make you seem more interesting to her. Now she knows she has to chase YOU. Here are a few examples of reverse psychology tactics I’ve successfully used with women. They work 90% of the time.

Her: “I just like you as a friend.”

Me: “I was thinking the same thing. We’re better off being just friends. It would never work between us. So why waste the effort, right?”

Her: “You can’t come in.”

Me: “I’ve got to work in the morning anyway. If I came in, I’d probably only want to stay for a few minutes and then leave. What’s the point in that?”

Her: “I’m really busy right now.”

Me: “Well, I’m very busy too. In fact, I have little time for you. I’d make time for someone I was more interested in as a lover, but since I just want to be your friend, I just can’t fit you into my schedule. But then again, you won’t try to fit me into your schedule, so you shouldn’t expect me to.”

Her: “I just want to be single.”

Me: “Who doesn’t want to be single? It’s the life. I enjoy it. I get to do whatever I want, when I want to do it. I don’t have anyone to nag at me and tell me what to do. You’re right, let’s both just be single forever instead of trying to find a life partner. Then we can both grow old, gray, lonely, and bitter. That’s a brilliant idea, don’t you think?”

Part of reverse psychology is to play the guilt trip and make her feel bad. You’re also showing her that you’re not some sort of desperate guy that’s easy to walk all over. This will make you more attractive to women. If she knows she can have you whenever she wants, she won’t have the urge to get with you. But if you make her feel like you’re not desperate and that it’s not that big of a deal if she doesn’t want to date you, you’re going to seem more interesting to her. Reverse psychology is one of the only ways to convince a female friend to date you. It’s worked for me numerous times and will for you if you give it a try.

Meeting a Woman For the First Time – To Be a Jerk or Nice Guy?

How many times have you heard a woman complain about all the jerks she dates? And how many times have you heard those same women continually go back to these jerks? Probably quite a few. We all know women that just can’t help themselves from dating assholes. They claim they want a guy that’s sweet and treats them right, yet they won’t even give nice guys the time of day. So when you meet a girl, you should be a jerk to her, right? Well, not exactly.

What women really want from a man?

What women really want from a man?

What Women REALLY Want

Very few women want a guy that is too nice. They might say they do, but they don’t find guys like that attractive. Well, most don’t. Even successful, mature women prefer a man that has some cockiness to him. Nice guys are pushovers and women find this unattractive. They don’t want a guy they can walk all over because it’s not manly.

However, some guys, no matter how hard they try, cannot pull off the bad boy routine. These guys have problems getting laid. If you go out to a bar looking for some random slut to hookup with, you need to have some swagger to you. It takes some arrogance and confidence to pull a hottie. Of course, if you’re more interested in a relationship, being a “sweetheart” can work in your favor. For one-night stands, you’re not getting laid unless you have a bad boy persona.

Being a “sweetheart” can work in your favor

Being a “sweetheart” can work in your favor

So What Type of Guy Should You Be?

Again, it all depends on what your goal is. Do you just want sex? Go for the bad boy routine, but make sure you’re actually good at pulling it off. If you’re really some sissy boy, you’ll fail miserably at doing this. You either are a jerk or you aren’t. You can’t fake being one.

Never attempt to be a jerk if you’re out to find a long-term relationship. No respectable woman sticks with an asshole. They might fuck one, but that’s it. There are women with very low self-esteem that go for jerks and will actually enter into a relationship with one, but who wants those women anyway? There’s nothing less attractive than a girl that has such low self-esteem that a guy could beat her senseless every night and she’d still go back to him.

Women like this are taken advantage of. Some of them actually are attractive, but once you get to know them, they don’t look so good anymore. Their personality – or lack thereof – turns them into ugly bitches. Never date a woman with low self-esteem. I don’t care if she has the hottest ass you’ve ever seen. She’ll be a train wreck and make your life miserable.

Be you. Don’t be someone you are not. It’s hard enough to be yourself, so don’t bother trying to be someone else. If you’re naturally a dickhead, be a dickhead. You’ll get laid easily when you go out, and if you want a relationship, you’ll find some skank that lacks self-esteem. If you’re a genuinely nice guy, be a nice guy. Just don’t be TOO nice or you’ll never attract women. Don’t let a woman push you around by being too available. This is very unattractive and no woman – mature or not – will want to date or sleep with you.

Conversation Killers – 10 Things You Should NEVER Talk About on a Date

Convincing a girl to go out on a date with you guarantees you’re going to get laid and/or enter into a long-term relationship. Actually, it doesn’t. All it does is guarantee you’re going to spend some time with a woman. What you do and say on a date (whether it be a first or tenth date) will make or break your chances with her. Keep the conversation upbeat and positive, don’t offend her, and avoid these 10 topics…

Religion: Unless you’re on a date with a girl you met on a Christian dating site or at Church, steer clear of any religious discussions. If she brings it up, don’t try to argue with her or preach your own beliefs. It’s impossible to win a debate about religion because everyone thinks their beliefs are right and can never be convinced otherwise. All you will do is offend her. Unless you’ve always wanted to have a Christian girl tell you to go fuck yourself, avoid any arguments about religion.

avoid political discussion

Avoid Political Discussion

Politics: Much like religion, politics are a sensitive subject. Many women – especially Liberal ones – are very passionate about their political beliefs. Unless you know that you share similar political beliefs, this is not a topic you should bring up.

Past Relationships: If you’re so stuck on your ex-girlfriend, go back to her. Do you want to hear about the guys she banged? Probably not. She doesn’t want to know about the sex you’ve had in the past or that your ex is a psycho.

3-Somes: We all have a fantasy to bang 2 chicks at once. Wait until you’ve had sex with her first and are confident she’d be down for it. On a date, this discussion shouldn’t come up. Have some patience, my friend!

The Gay Sex You Had in College: Yeah, I’m talking to you. We all experimented with a dude in college. Okay, so maybe not. But in case you actually did take it up the butt one drunken evening during your crazy college years, she doesn’t need to know.

Don't tell me

Don't tell me

Herpes: Or any STD’s. If you have one, share that with her later. If you’re curious to know if she has one, this isn’t the time or place. Besides, you probably already know the answer. Women with STD’s usually have that “I’ve got an STD” look to them.

Your Dirty Laundry: So what if you’ve been busted for pot possession 3 times in the past year? If she wants to do some background research, let her do it. When she asks you about the dirty laundry she found, then you can explain/defend yourself.

How Much You Hate Your Job: Even if your boss is the biggest douche ever, don’t cry to her about it. This goes back to what I said about being positive on the date. Bitching and complaining about your job makes you sound like a pussy.

Lies: I may or may not have learned this the hard way, but if you lie to a woman, it will come back to bite you in the ass. Call it karma. Eventually she’s going to find out, so just be honest with her.

Money: If you’re poor, it’s never a good idea to bring money up because it makes you look bad. If you’re rich, it’s not a good idea to bring money up because it makes you seem arrogant. Just don’t talk about money at all.

Having Good Hygiene Attracts the Ladies

Look good, smell pleasant, get laid. That’s how it’s done. You can walk into any bar and if you pay attention to the guys with poor hygiene, you’ll notice none of them are attracting women. The men that clearly take care of themselves have women to their sides. Personal hygiene is something your Momma should have taught you when you were a kid. To be honest, I shouldn’t even have to give you this advice. Yet so many guys fail to take care of themselves physically, and then wonder why women don’t want their cock. Don’t be lazy. Take care of yourself. And follow my advice…

smelling pleasant

smelling pleasant

Why are you so afraid of showering?

You’re not the Wicked Witch of the West – you won’t melt from water. Take a shower (not a bath) before you head out to the bar (or wherever it is you’re going). Use a bar of soap, shampoo, and body wash. Just don’t use any of that gay fruit scented body wash or you’ll smell like a chick – and probably attract dudes. So unless you’re looking to take it up the ass (not that there’s anything wrong with that), make sure you smell manly. I have an old friend that would almost always show up to the bars smelling like a rotted vagina. He had horrible B.O. Coincidentally, I don’t think I ever saw him talk to a girl. Hmm…

Acne = Turnoff

If acne has always been a problem with you, I’d go see a dermatologist. If you’re too poor or too lazy to see one, there are some over-the-counter products you can buy. Check out Proactiv’s website. Their acne treatment products are highly effective. Acne turns women off. You need to have clear skin if you’re going to get laid.

Bad Breath

Bad breath is the leading cause of chronic masturbation

I conducted my own survey of 300 million people and came to the conclusion that bad breath leads to chronic masturbation. Of the 300 million people I interviewed on my own, 100% of the ones with bad breath were unable to get laid and, thus, are forced to jack off instead. In all seriousness, women will not kiss a guy with bad breath or yellow/dirty teeth. It’s a total turnoff.

You can’t fix crooked teeth, save for the help of a dentist. Women aren’t always turned off by that because they understand it’s not your fault. But dirty or yellow teeth is your fault and should be corrected. Having dirty teeth shows women you’re too lazy to brush them daily. And if you’re too lazy to brush your teeth, you’re probably just a lazy bum in general. Don’t shoot the messenger – I’m just speaking from a woman’s viewpoint. If your teeth are dirty, try Crest Intensive Professional Effects Whitestrips. They’re not very expensive and can whiten your teeth within seven days.

Women don’t dig men that can’t take care of themselves. Smelling bad, having acne and dirty teeth is a complete turnoff. You’re not getting laid unless you have proper hygiene. It’s not difficult to brush your teeth, shower, and slap on some deodorant every day. If you can’t do that, personally I think you’re a lazy bastard and I don’t really give a shit if you can’t get laid. You have to do what the rest of us guys do – work for the pussy.

Top 5 Most Costly First Date Mistakes Men Make

Screw up a first date, and you’ve lost out on any chance to get with her. It’s the most important date because it’s your only chance to make a first impression. After you’ve worked your magic on the first date and she falls for you, it’s possible to screw up on 3rd, 4th, 5th, etc. date without turning her off. But you can’t overcome first date failures. There are many mistakes men make on a first date, but none are more costly than the following…

first-impression is that LAST impression

first-impression is that LAST impression

1.Become a different person than the guy she met

It doesn’t matter where you met her (bar, online, etc.), if you portrayed yourself as something different than the person you were on the first date, she will instantly lose interest in you. The truth always comes out, which is why I always stress being honest with women.

Goog Eye Contact

Making a Goog Eye Contact

2.Don’t make good eye contact

Shy guys generally suck at first dates because they don’t have the confidence to look a woman straight in the eyes. Lock eye contact with her because it shows her you’re interested and are paying attention. When she speaks, don’t stare at the waitress’ ass as she walks by or watch the TV behind her.

3.Taking her somewhere lame

Generally, the guy picks – or at least suggests – the date destination. Dinner and a movie is okay, but you can show her you’re bold by doing something more exciting. Be different and take her out dancing, hiking, bowling, or to a comedy club. Women love originality.

4.Talking about your ex-girlfriend

She doesn’t care that your ex was a total beeyotch. Your past is less relevant to her than what your future holds. She really doesn’t want to hear about the awesome sex life you and your ex had. So refrain from asking her if she does anal like the ex did.

5.Being a pervert

I know what you’re thinking when you’re on a date with a cutie – that you want to bang her. If she likes you, though she won’t say it, she’s thinking about your banging her too. But women hide their dirty mind until they get to know the guy well. That’s not to say you can’t get laid on a first date. You can. But don’t show up, introduce yourself, and say “so do you like it doggystyle?”

First dates are intimidating, especially if you’re inexperienced. Not to sound all corny, but my best advice is to just be yourself. Be the guy she found interesting when she met you. Of course, if you were lying about who you were when you first met, you won’t last with her anyway. So when you go out meeting women, make sure you’re thinking ahead. Don’t try to be someone you’re not.