Are Cougars and MILF’s Really Easier to Sleep With?

I really don’t know what the deal is with my fantasy of banging hot, older women. My high school girlfriend had a mother with the greatest ass I’ve ever seen. Ever since then, I’ve had a thing for Cougars and MILF’s. It wasn’t until my mid-twenties that my fantasizing got the best of me and I decided it was time to act out that fantasy. But I didn’t know if older women would really be interested in someone of my age.

I figured it would be difficult to fuck a MILF. I watched American Pie and wished I was The Sherminator and had banged Stiffler’s mom. The movie made it seem so easy to fuck a MILF. But I knew it was just a movie and not reality. However, once I finally went on the prowl looking for a MILF to bring back to my bachelor pad, I discovered scoring with an older chick is even easier than with a younger one. It just takes a completely different approach.

Cougars Don’t Give a Shit

Imagine being a 40 year old single woman that’s been through failed marriages and been taken advantage of countless times. They’ve been around the block, twice…twice. They’re fed up with all the BS they’ve dealt with in their lives. And they know they’re getting towards the end of their sexual peak. Once you’ve reached that point and still don’t have a life partner, you may as well go do anything that moves, right? Okay, maybe not anything, but you get my point – they’re horny, they want sex, and they’ll settle for any guy that can convince them they know how to make a woman cum.

When I first started going after Cougars and MILF’s, I knew what they were thinking. And I planned my strategy based on that. There’s a local club in town for the Over-30 crowd. It may as well have been a whore house. Single women and married women that had crappy sex lives would pack that joint in hopes of finding some guy that will rock their world. If you were under-30 and entered that club, your chances of getting laid was significantly higher than those over-30. Why? Because women over-30 that are just out looking for sex often fantasize about doing a younger guy.

Getting Laid is Simple…If You Follow This Strategy

First and foremost – show up looking presentable. Get to the bar around midnight – no earlier or you’re just wasting your time. Look for the semi-drunk attractive women. Don’t go for the completely hammered because it’s just plain immoral to take advantage of someone like that. I’m not the moral police, but you’re a douchebag if you do. Find women that appear to be single and have that “I’m horny” look on their face. They’re the ones on the dance floor that are smiling and avoiding getting too close to their friends so that guys aren’t too intimidated to approach them.

After you spot an obvious “D.T.F.” woman, go up and dance with her. Don’t be a pussy. I don’t care how shitty you are at dancing, no one is watching. Just dance with her for a few minutes and then ask her if she wants a drink. Buy her 1 drink – no more. If she wants a second drink, she’s not sucking your dick – she’s using you.

Let's have drink together

After you’ve finished one drink together and shared in some decent conversation (just humor her, she’s half drunk anyway, it’s not that hard), tell her to come join you outside. Once you get outside, put your arms around her and whisper, “have you ever been with a younger guy?” into her ear. Regardless of what she says, your next response should be an invitation to come back to your place. Yes, it really is that simple.