Bringing Out Her Dirty Mind

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Every woman has hidden desires ...

Men that fail at getting laid on adult sites jump straight into talking dirty with women. Though you might think talking sex right off the bat is a good idea…on a site where everyone is just looking for sex. It’s not. The strategies you use for getting laid on an adult site should be similar to what you would do on a relationship based dating site. The difference is, instead of trying to convince a woman to enter into a long-term relationship, you’re trying to convince her to sleep with you.

Women love it when a man flirts with them. When a man flirts, they know he’s interested. Flirting is also the gateway to getting her to start talking dirty with you. I always think of getting laid as a process that starts with contacting a woman. The next step is to use light flirting as a way of making her feel comfortable with you. Then you step your game up and transition from light flirting to talking dirty. If all goes well, she’ll be ready to meet you. Then you just have to work your magic on a date to get her into bed.

Of course, this process is easier said than done. You have to work a little bit to get laid. But I guarantee you will reap the rewards (awesome sex with a gorgeous woman) if you simply follow this advice…

How to Flirt Properly

For those of you inexperienced with women, flirting is essentially a way of humoring and teasing a woman. They love it. A guy that is average looking but knows how to flirt properly with women will instantly become more attractive. Flirting on adult dating sites is no different than flirting offline, except you can’t use body language and tone of voice to your advantage – or disadvantage if you suck at it.

A skilled flirter is able to create an aura that women die for. When I first started trying to hookup on dating sites, I wasn’t very good at flirting. I’ve always been pretty good at it offline, but that’s because I know how to look a girl in the eyes, smile, and make physical contact. So I had to learn how to become smoother orally (no, not that kind of oral). I knew I would never get laid if I couldn’t flirt effectively in order to build up attraction.

The first thing I started doing to improve my flirting game was to pay attention to certain silly little things she said, and then tease her about it. For example, I really wanted to bang this hot girl on a few months back. She was a horrible speller. To be honest, it actually did annoy me, but not enough to still not want to bang her. I gave her a hard time about her spelling. I didn’t do it in a mean spirited way. I made sure that what I said couldn’t be construed as rude or offensive. “I was going to rag on you for being a poor speller, but you’re just too darn cute so I can’t! J” was one comment I made to her.

Witty One-Liners

Flirting is all about the one-liners. Here are a few examples of one-liners I’ve used while flirting online:

“I saw your profile picture and I just want to say you have an adorable dog! Oh, and you looked pretty dang hot in that bikini too!”

“That’s cool that you’re married, it’s always nice to have someone that can hold the camcorder while we’re doing it!”

“If I was looking for something other than sex, I’d definitely fall in love with you!”

These one-liners won’t give Chris Rock competition. I’m not a professional comedian. You don’t have to be in order to flirt properly with a girl. Women love light humor. They’ll laugh at anything a guy says if they find him interesting. The whole goal of flirting is to build attraction. I would never crack the same jokes to my homeboys as I do to women. They’d kick my ass and think I was gay if I did. Women find the dumbest shit funny. If a woman had a penis, she’d get a boner at the thought of a decent guy telling her a stupid joke.

From Flirting to Sexy Talk

Flirt with her for a bit just to make her comfortable. After that, step your game up and bring the conversation to bedroom banter. You can’t just go straight from flirting to sexy talk. You need to make a seamless transition. For example, if you were cracking on her for being a horrible speller, it’s not a good idea to say something like, “you really suck at spelling, so why don’t we stop typing and start fucking?” That’s not smooth.

Before you can transition from adult flirting to dirty talk, make sure she’s responded positively to your efforts. If you tease her and all you ever get in response is “LOL”, she’s probably not laughing. “LOL” is often a way of saying, “what you said was completely retarded, but I’m not a cold-hearted bitch so I’ll just type ‘LOL’”. Make sure to wait until she’s given you the indication she’s digging you.

The way I always make the transition from flirting to dirty talk is to incorporate a witty, non-raunchy sexual innuendo into a comment about the topic we’ve been discussing. Let’s say you’ve been talking about a shared interest in poker. You could say, “I’d love to play some poker with you. How’s about we use clothes instead of chips?”

A comment like that was not raunchy and now you should be able to ease into dirty talk. All it takes is one simple smooth comment like that. Unless she hasn’t given you indications she likes you, a comment such as the one above will almost always get her to respond with something like, “oh yeah? Maybe we should…” Once she says that, start firing away with your sexual fantasies.

Sending Naughty Photos – Yes or No?

Once you’ve successfully brought out her dirty mind, you must decide if sending naughty pics is a good idea or not. Personally, I rarely will offer to send any pictures of my junk unless she has explicitly asked for one. Even if she’s responding well to your comments, you just never know if a naughty photo will bother her. It could make her think you’re a dirty pervert. Some women would rather wait to see you naked in person.

Use your best judgment. If you’re certain she’s the type that won’t be bothered by a revealing photo of yourself, go ahead and send it. However, I rarely do. I don’t think I’ve ever lost out on a girl because I didn’t send naked photos of myself. Conversely, I have lost out on girls because I did before she asked for one. The same goes for asking for one from her. Don’t pressure her to send one. When she’s ready to send it, she will.