Setting Up a Date and Closing the Deal

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You **MUST** know how to take her home ...

One of the biggest mistakes men make is assuming that if a girl agrees to meet them offline, they’re going to get laid. Unfortunately, it’s not that easy. The hard part isn’t convincing a girl to meet you for drinks – it’s going from date to bedroom. If she’s willing to meet you, she’s willing to have sex with you as long as you don’t screw things up. Trust me – she wants your cock. It’s up to you to NOT give her a reason to change her mind on the date.

Once she’s agreed to meet up, you need to decide on a decent place to get together. The best option is a lounge or bar that’s not too busy or loud. It’s difficult to work your game on her when you have to scream over the music. Pick a lounge that has dim lighting and is intimate. If there is a couch or comfy chairs in the bar, it’s a perfect place.

General Tips for a First Meeting

I hate calling this a “date” because it implies you’re looking for more than just sex. So, from now on, we’ll refer to it as a “meeting”. On the first meeting, you should follow these tips to making her want to get in bed with you later in the evening:

  • Flirt with her by physically touching her. Don’t be afraid to make light physical contact with her. This shows her that you’re into her. Don’t jump on top of her and start humping her in the bar. Save that for the bedroom later. Put your hand on her wrist, around her arms, and on her back at times throughout the evening. If you don’t make light physical contact with her, she’s going to assume you’re not interested. This also shows you’re confident, which is a HUGE turn-on to women.
  • Make consistent eye contact with her. This is very important. When you’re talking to her, look her straight in the eye. Same goes for when she’s talking to you. It shows her that you’re paying attention, especially when you nod, smile, and respond to her comments.
  • Be the guy you were online. Taking on the persona of the man behind the computer screen is the only way you’re getting laid. She agreed to meet up with you because she was attracted to the person you claimed to be online. If she finds out that’s not really who you are, she’ll lose attraction. I don’t care if you claimed to be some bad boy online, but you’re really some sissy boy. Between the time you set-up the meeting and get together, you better figure out how to appear to be a badass in person.
  • Don’t drink unless she does. And never get drunk or you’ll either end up too tired to have sex or you’ll suck in bed.

Inviting Her Back to Your Place

If your place happens to be Mommy and Daddy’s, come up with an excuse why she can’t come back to your place. Tell her you have an obnoxious roommate that smells bad and never leaves. Then either offer to get a motel room (if you live with Mommy and Daddy and you can’t afford a hotel room, you’re a pathetic loser and need to get a job) or ask if you can go back to her place. For those of you that have your own place, unless you have some odd living situation, invite her back to your place.

How do you invite her back? It’s very simple. Just say, “(name), I’d like to get out here. What do you say we go back to my place and continue this conversation?” It’s smooth and simple. When should you ask her to come back? I have a general rule of no longer than 1 hour after we met. If she’s stuck around for an hour without coming up with an excuse why she has to leave, chances are she’s into you. Don’t ask her too soon. You don’t want to rush her. If she smiles, looks you in the eye, laughs at your jokes, and doesn’t seem irritated by your physical contact, she wants you.