Adult Dating Strategy – Use 2 or 3 Sites At Once …

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The multiple dating attack vector strategy!

Ever heard the saying, “the more the merrier”? If not, you better learn the meaning of it. I truly do believe in the quality of 3 adult dating sites –,, and Signing up for any of them will put you in a good position to get laid. But you should not limit yourself to just one site. I realize this can become a bit pricey. Hey, sometimes there’s a price to pay to get laid. Deal with it.

One site won’t always be good enough to get you laid. Or you may find that the women on another site are better. If you limit yourself to one site, you’re limiting your ability to interact with as many women as possible. It’s always best to have options. You might meet an “8” on that’s begging for your cock, only to find out there’s a “9” on that’s begging for it too. Why nail an “8” when you can have a “9”? If was the only site you had signed up for, you would end up sleeping with a less attractive woman than you could get if you used multiple sites.

Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with banging an “8”. But if you can do better, why settle? Think of it this way – if you were hired for a job that paid $80,000, you’d probably be satisfied. Bills would easily be paid with a salary like that and you’d have plenty of extra spending cash. What would you do if you later received a job offer that pays $100,000? Would you turn that down and go work for $20,000 less? Probably not. Good things are nice to have, but sometimes there’s something even better. We cannot stress the importance of this strategy on adult dating sites. We want you to find the hottest women possible and have the best sex of your life. Never limit yourself.

More Reasons to Sign-up for 2-3 Sites

There is a lot of competition on these hookup sites. Every attractive woman will receive hundreds of emails from horny men, desperate for their pussy. So you can’t always be certain your message will even be read, let alone responded to. That’s why you need to contact dozens of women. It’s a numbers game. You may find that there aren’t enough hot women in your area on one site. In fact, that’s quite likely. If you’re signed up for 2-3 sites, chances are there will be enough women to contact in order to get laid.

You might also get bored of one site. Each adult site offers different features and it’s not uncommon for men to get addicted to one site for a while, only to get bored of it and switch to another site. I’m the same way. I get bored easy. It’s hard to keep my attention. There have been times where I would spend months being active daily on one of the sites, and then jumped to another site once the first site lost my attention.

Always have options. If you set-up a date with a girl on one of the sites and she stands you up, you should have a backup plan – another hottie to get with. I have found that using 2-3 sites at once is allows me to always have Plan B waiting in case Plan A flakes on me. Plus, I like having the ability to choose from a wide range of women.