Advanced Dating Tactics: Get Laid Quickly Using Adult Dating Sites

If you don’t follow our adult dating tips, there’s a 99% chance you’re going to be scammed out of your money and waste your valuable time. We don’t say this to brag, nor do we intend to come off as arrogant. We say this because we’ve tested every adult dating strategy imaginable and we want our readers to know the truth about online hookup sites so they can avoid being scammed.

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Stop wasting your timeand money – signing up for worthless adult dating sites. Most of our readers have been scammed out of money and spent countless hours creating profiles and contacting women they hoped to have sex with. For your benefit, we’ve composed a guide filled with adult dating advice that prevents you from making the costly mistakes 90% of men make.

Before You Start – Learning to Avoid Scams
Part of locating adult online dating scams is trusting your intuition. If it looks like a rat and smells like a rat, right? I always recommend trying out a dating site for free for a bit until you’re comfortable enough to pay for it
Adult Dating Strategy – Use 2 or 3 Sites at a Time
Ever heard the saying, “the more the merrier”? If not, you better learn the meaning of it.
Creating a Killer Adult Online Dating Profile No Woman Can Resist
Women aren’t just looking for sex on adult dating sites. Confused? You won’t be after reading this. Women don’t think like we do
Reaching Out to Women Online via Email – What to Say
You can create a killer profile, but it will only get you so far. The most important part of attracting women is the initial adult dating email you send them.
Bringing Out Her Dirty Mind
Men that fail at getting laid on adult sites jump straight into talking dirty with women.
Setting Up a Date and Closing the Deal
One of the biggest mistakes men make is assuming that if a girl agrees to meet them offline, they’re going to get laid. Unfortunately, it’s not that easy.

Adult Online Dating is Often More Fake Than Paris Hilton

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She's not adult dating ...

Paris Hilton has one thing in common with most adult hookup siteseverything about her is fake. She has a phony personality and wears a gallon of makeup a day. What point are we trying to make? Nothing really, we just wanted an excuse to rip on Paris Hilton. With that said, adult hookup sites are often infested with profiles as fake as Paris’ smile. Knowing how to locate the profiles that are real is a difficult task, but we’ll give you some valuable tips to locate them.

What constitutes a “scam site”? Any site that misleads its members into thinking they’re going to score with a hot woman. The sad truth is most of the actual women on these sites are fat and ugly. The real attractive women are few and far between on 90% of the adult sites. However, as you might know, many of these sites trick their members by creating fake profiles of attractive women.

Signs a Site is an Obvious Scam

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Scams Are Everywhere!

We’ll go more into detail about online dating scams in our guide. For now, let’s focus on a few general signs that should immediately make you throw caution to the wind.

  • Most of the women are very attractive. There are definitely plenty of good looking women that use the Internet as a means for getting laid, but the majority are 5’s at best.
  • You create a solid profile and send out decent emails to women and receive very little or no response. You’re probably sending messages to imaginary women.
  • 80% of the members on the site are dudes.
  • There are very few members in your city that have logged into the site within the past week. This is a clear sign that the participation from members on the site isn’t very good. Good luck getting laid by inactive members!

Before you spend another penny on any dating site, read our guide to adult online dating. We’re providing you with the most extensive adult dating tips you will ever find. We’re certain you will save money, time, and frustration by reading this guide. Plus, you’ll learn a thing or two about how to attract women.

Everything you need to know about the world of adult online dating is right here. You’re going to find out what the most obvious scams are, what sites AREN’T scams, and how to get laid.