Why This Website Exists

We know tons of guys that have dropped some serious cash into adult dating sites without once getting laid. Many of you have done the same thing. Unfortunately, we can’t help you get your money or time back. We wish we could. What we can do is help you avoid handing out your hard earned cash to scam adult dating sites, and spend for affordable, high-quality sites.

Who We Are

We’re just a bunch of ordinary guys – 7 of us, in total – that have spent countless hours using adult dating websites. What we have found is most of these websites are complete scams. Some of them have no redeeming qualities, much like the women on the sites. We’ve been active on dozens of adult dating sites for the past few years. We know how to attract women online and how to convince them to go on a date with us. So when we’re unable to accomplish that on a dating site, we know it’s a scam.

You might be thinking to yourself, “wow, you guys are very arrogant”. That might be true, but what we said is a fact. If the site is legit, we’ll get laid. It’s just that simple. If we don’t get laid, there’s something wrong with the site. We’ve noticed the sites we have struggled to meet women all have certain things in common. They are…

  • Ugly and/or fat women infest the site. We’re not having sex with fatties. Hot women only! You should seek out the hotties too. On some sites, it actually is our fault for not getting laid because we refuse to settle for the heffers.
  • 90% of the women are hot. “Wait a second, I thought you wanted sites with hot women?” You probably just asked that question, didn’t you? Yes, we refuse to settle for any woman that’s not at least an 8. But when we see a site with nothing but hot skanks, we know they’re fake profiles, which is why we never receive responses to our messages.
  • The web designer works for $3/hour. We don’t actually know how much any of these sites pay their web designers. What we do know is if the site layout looks cheap, the quality of the site almost always reflects it. Does that mean you’re unlikely to get laid on a site that looks like it was built in 1999? Absolutely.
  • Instantly contacted upon signing up. The most obvious sign a site is a scam is when you sign-up and are immediately bombarded with IM requests or “Winks” by alleged members. There are sites we signed up for and had 3-4 IM’s from women before we even created a profile.

Our goal is to not only teach you how meet women online, but to also expose the scam sites so you don’t waste your time and money. We know how to spot a scam INSTANTLY, most of the time. And we always eventually spot a scam.

The 7 of us each tested out 2 sites for 3 months. We did not just sign-up and then hope for the best. We gave each site a fair chance and put in a great deal of effort, which included creating a killer profile, sending and responding to emails and IM’s on a daily basis. After 3 months of reviewing the site, we determined if it was a scam or worth the membership fees. Unfortunately, we were only able to give positive reviews for 3 of the 14 sites.