5 Comedy Pieces That Will Have Her Cracking Up

What makes you laugh doesn’t necessarily make a woman laugh. And what makes a woman laugh doesn’t always make a man laugh. That’s because women, in general, have shitty senses of humor. They laugh at the dumbest shit and think the jokes we crack with our homeboys is lame an immature. I know guys that I don’t think have a very good sense of humor, yet they’re able to have women nearly peeing their pants with laughter.

Make her Laugh

What you’re about to learn are 5 quick comedy pieces you can incorporate into a conversation with a woman. It’s important to make her laugh because women love to laugh – even if the joke really does suck. And these jokes may not go over well at the Chuckle Hut but they will go over superbly with women.

Out For Drink

Out For Drink

Out at the bar…

Let’s say you and your lady friend just sat down at the bar. Being the gentleman that you are, you offer to go up to the bar and buy a couple of drinks. Say to her, “If I start drinking, you’re not going to take advantage of me while I’m in an intoxicated state, are you? I’m not one to sleep with a girl on a first date.”

Out for dinner…

When the waitress is taking your drink order, let your girl order first. Then let the waitress know “I’ll have a rum and coke, but will you please keep an eye on my date? I’m afraid she’ll slip a roofie in my drink.”

Out for Dinner

Out for Dinner

Out for dinner #2…

If the service is really slow, tell your date that you’re going to help out the wait staff. Get up from your seat to make her think you’re serious. Then go to the bathroom. Come back a few minutes later and say, “I just made $20 in tips so now I can afford this dinner.”

Out anywhere…

Ask her to let you see her palms. Tell her you’re a psychic and can read minds. Grab her hand, close your eyes, and pretend to be deep in thought. Then say, “I agree, I am the sexiest guy you’ve ever met!”

Out anywhere…

“I have a bet with a friend that I would get a kiss on this date.” She’ll give you the “you have got to be kidding me look”, and that’s when you say, “except, I’m the one that bet against me. This is the first bet I’ve ever intentionally tried to lose.” This is a bit of teasing and reverse psychology. The goal of this joke is to get her to respond with something like, “well, maybe you’ll just have to lose that bet.” It works darn near every time.

Humoring women isn’t difficult. It’s something you must do to build up attraction. Even if she’s initially attracted to you physically, if you can’t humor her, that attraction will be lost. Stick to comedy routines that aren’t too cheesy, are playful, and incorporate a bit of teasing. These are great ways to flirt with women.

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